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DECK is an independent art space launched in 2014 with the mission of supporting and nurturing the community of photography enthusiasts in Singapore and Southeast Asia. This modular site acts as a connector between art institutions, and offers a platform for people to celebrate photography in the heart of Singapore. Driven by the belief that photography is for all, it welcomes professionals and amateurs to come together, mingle and be inspired.

Established by the team which founded 2902 Gallery in 2008. It all started with the belief that there has to an accessible market available for photo artists to make a living through their creations. In the same year, it launched the inaugural Singapore International Photography Festival, a non-profit biennale aimed at deepening the appreciation for art photography. DECK, which marks the coming of age of art photography in the region, is thus another committed effort to bring this dynamic art form to greater heights.

Featuring two galleries, a resource library, an activity space, an artist studio, and a café, DECK was creatively assembled to overcome the challenge of land scarcity in our small city.