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The Evolution of Photographic Language - Lecture


This series of lectures takes an emphasis upon the history of photography, and intends to bring the audience through the chronology of the photographic medium, from its early days of experiments and invention to its contemporary application, as well as its political, conceptual, scientific, artistic and cultural implications of our current age.

The Evolution of Photographic Language hopes to assist the general audience in obtaining a greater understanding of the historical development, philosophical concepts, social and cultural phenomena surrounding photography, in aim of allowing for greater engagement capacity between the public and the photographic medium.

#1 The Dawn of the Photographic
25 January 2018

#2 Photography in the Age of Modernism
8 February 2018

#3 The Photographic Effect as a Global Phenomenon
22 February 2018

#4 Photography in the Emergence of Digital Age
8 March 2018

#5 Photographic Language in Postmodernism
22 March 2018

#6 Continual Evolution of the Photographic Phenomenon
5 April 2018

Thursdays, 8:00 – 9:30pm
DECK's Activity Space